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SmartFinder Digital Integration Co., Ltd., we provide customers with customized and comprehensive mobile application services:

Assist customers to develop one-stop integrated sales planning services for e-commerce and physical access marketing.

We with our partners-Cycling Life-Style Foundation successfully to Build a digital product about "Bicycle Rental Service Application " .These applications are used in 15 sightseeing-type digital bicycle rental stations of New Taipei City riverside.

The Story just beginning

As two-way short-distance bicycle rental systems have matured, rider behavior patterns have also begun to evolve, particularly the clustering of cyclists within specific geographic areas.

Following the digital transformation development model that is driven by the ubiquity of information-technology products and services, users have grown accustomed to rely on digital companions (mobile devices) .

This illustrates the critical importance of digital infrastructure within the urban mobility landscape.

Furthermore, for residents and visitors of the greater Taipei city region, the riverside flood zones have been developed into immensely popular cycling routes and attractions that attract abundant riders.

Combining both sets of considerations, we present FunBike Maji, a mobile app that integrates online digital infrastructure with insights from offline cycling environments and amenities, significantly reducing the stress and costs of purchasing a bike just to enjoy the riverside cycling routes.

More than that, we believe this digital companion app will pave the way for a novel “proximity advantage” that integrates the digital and real-world insights a new lifestyle.

Welcome to join our digital integrated marketing innovation.

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